A few weekends ago for a friends Hens weekend we decided to rent out a lush AirBnB house in Byron Bay. It was an absolutely gorgeous place, which was almost too nice because we never wanted to leave! The place is called 'Flamingo Cottage' and only cost us $190 each (with also covering the bride-to-be's part) which I think is an absolute steal considering how lovely it is. I unfortunately didn't get too many photos of the actual place (as it had everyones bags/items sprawled on beds and tables) but here is the airbnb profile which gives it justice. It neatly fit the 10 of us with there being five bedrooms each with either king size beds or a few single beds. 

(Isn't this chair so pinterest?!)
Grace - Alyssa (my best friends) - Me

Overall it was such a great weekend away! The first day we went out for dinner and then out to a club called Cheeky Monkey's where the dance floor is a bunch of tables so you're literally dancing on tables haha. Not much of a clubber (at all) but it was fun being with a bunch of my gal pals dancing on tables. The second day we rented out these vintage white bicycles and we all rode from the apartment to the Byron Bay lighthouse. Afterwards we drove into a cute little town nearby (Bungalow) for lunch and then came back to the house to make a hearty pesto pasta for dinner, The next day we went to "The Farm" for breakfast and then wandered around the farm looking at the animals and taking lots of photos under the macadamia and pecan trees.

Hope you like the pictures and it inspires you to have a getaway yourself!

Holly x

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  1. Ooh, vintage white bicycles... sounds very tumblr!
    Aleeha xXx