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For those who don't know me: I looooove television. Absolutelyloveit. I am that person who has seen almost everything I get recommended. I am a big believer in relax time and unwinding so what better way to take your mind off things than to indulge in a captivating tv series?

I'm currently on holidays at the moment until I start my new job next month which means I have had a lot of time to get into various shows. If you are someone who is on the hunt for something new then keep on reading :-)

1. Outlander
Set mostly in the Scottish highlands it is about a married world war II nurse, Claire, who finds herself transported from 1945 to 1743 where she finds herself involved in the Scottish clans and Jacobite Risings. She also meets highlander Jamie who literally is a dreamboat. He probably is the main reason i'm so captivated. I also love the history side of it, I've learnt a lot of things. It's the type of show you can easily bingewatch which is exactly what I did. Highly recommend it.

2. Call The Midwife
Set in East London this show is about a group of Nurses/Midwives in the late 50's/early 60's. This is a show I have wanted to watch for ages but just...never really felt like watching. Then one day, after my mum has told me copious time that I would love it, I started watching it. And she was right - I love it! It's just such a lovely show. I enjoy all the characters and seeing how their storylines unfold. I also like how it's based the memoirs of a lady who was an actual midwife in that era. If you're after something which is an easy watch then this is it. Plus...babies.

3. Sherlock
I don't really think I need to describe this one as everyone is aware of Sherlock Holmes. The latest series (only 3 episodes AGAIN *sobs*)  has just aired in the last few weeks. If you are someone who has watched Sherlock but isn't up to date then this is your friendly reminder that it's out (..which is easy to forget seeing as there are years between the seasons ugh). Each episode I was on the edge of my seat, lots of twists involved which didn't help my nail biting habit. Unfortunately the last episode felt quite final so i'm unsure if there will be another series but I think the show had a good run. 

4. Brooklyn Nine Nine
Quite different in comparison to the other shows I have mentioned but everyone needs a light heated comedy with requires no mental stimulation. The show is just my go-to at the moment whenever I need something to cheer me up. It's a police sitcom which will constantly have you in laughter. It's got the incredible Andy Sandberg in it too. I'm sure most of you have watched this but if you haven't then do yourself a favor and give it a go.

Tonight I just started "Series of Unfortunate Events" and so far so good. Too early to recommend it but it's been getting great reviews from most people so it may be worth a look. Also, Neil Patrick Harris plays Count Olaf which is just a match made in heaven. 

Let me know what tv series you have been watching and loving. As I said..I don't start work for another few weeks so would love to find more  (gosh I sound like I have no life hahaha).

Holly xx

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  1. Same! I'm an absolute TV junkie. I binge-watch soo many shows - even when I don't have the time haha :P Outlander is one of my favourite shows ever! Claire and Jaime are just amazing together - they make me feel all the feels! I used to be a hardcore Sherlock fan but I feel the long breaks between seasons made them lose the hype/momentum. I still love it - particularly the first two seasons - but this last season was not my favourite. I'd be happy if the last episode was the last ever! Also adore B99 - absolutely hilarious!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. Yesss the whole Claire/Jamie relationship is what I live for, they're soo amazing together! I want my own Jamie haha. And I agree about Sherlock, I love it but the long breaks were so annoying that I did lose some interest. The first two seasons were definitely the best when it was pure detective work rather than the later seasons just being all twists. Let me know if you have any other addictive shows you're watching! Holly :) x

  2. I'm with you! I go through shows like crazy on Netflix! I've just recently finished Switched at Birth- really good one and Once Upon A Time- also really good!

    Renee | Life After Lux

    1. Ooh I really want to watch Once Upon A Time, i've heard that's great! x

  3. I haven't checked out Brooklyn Nine Nine yet, but I hear GREAT things. Thanks for the recommendations! x


  4. I've never watched any of the ones you mentioned! Got a lot of catching up to do this weekend! :)

    1. Oh yes, always nice to have a good reason to do some binge watching haha x

  5. I am a serious binge watcher :'D But because I have an essay deadline I try not to get too hooked onto a new series.But I have been really loving Friends (I was gutted when I finished it), That 70's Show and Modern Family.
    I sense that I am in a light hearted funny series kind of mood lately.
    Jenny Side Up

    1. I LOVE Friends, that show makes me so so happy! x

  6. I love brooklyn nine nine, and have been meaning to start sherlock but haven't gotten round to it yet. Thanks for the reminder hahah :P