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(Carli Bybel)

Lately instead of watching a movie i've been opting for a night full of endless roaming on youtube. Here's how it usually goes: Oh, so&so has a new video i'll go watch that..ooh that's a nice make-up look in the sidebar I wonder who that is...oh wow she has lots of videos..maybe i'll just click on this one..and this one..and this one..oh who is that person in the sidebar..

I've found myself getting more addicted to youtube lately so i'll show you my favourite of the favourites. Grab yourself a nice hot chocolate if you're going to give them a little look. 

1. Zoella

I'm sure you've alllll heard of Zoella! Thought i'd add this in anyway. I'd say she is probably my favourite youtuber. I just like how genuine/nice she seems. Every time I watch one of her hauls I just want to buy everything she has mentioned. She has a variety of videos which are very addictive. I find myself watching her for hours sometimes!
What is she best for? Hauls

2. Makeupbyevon
I stumbled upon her youtube channel a couple months ago and have been hooked. I just really like her techniques in applying make-up. She is also naturally gorgeous so I feel she's cheating cause she's going to still look gorgeous no matter what she does haha.
What is she best for? Make-up tutorials

3. Carli Bybel

Carli is another really popular channel and it's because her make-up is always flawless. Whenever i'm going for a night out I like to look at some of her tutorials for inspiration. The gurl just rocks at make-up.
What is she best for? Night time make-up

4. Chloe Morello

Love Chloe Morellos videos! She has a wide range of videos but the most prominent type are make-up tutorials. I like how she doesn't always do 'dramatic looks' but does a variety of dramatic and everyday. Her tutorials are very easy to follow with some great tips.
What is she best for? A variety of make-up tutorials

5. Dope2111

If you haven't seen what this girl can do with make-up then check out her channel asap! Am constantly blown away with all her make-up transformations. She's even transformed into Drake! It's just amazing to see how make-up can completely change the face of your shape.
What is she best for? Make-up transformations

6. Themakeupchair
 Have only discovered this irish youtuber recently but already she's one of my favourites. Although I adore watching elaborate make-up tutorials I also like to see more natural looks that you can wear on a daily basis.
What is she best for? Make-up tips and 'everyday' tutorials

7. Lily Pebbles

What I love about Lily Pebbles is how real she is. She is always 100% honest and I fully trust her opinion on products. While a lot of bloggers/youtubers get all caught up with the beauty world fads I find that Lily is great at keeping level headed and giving honest opinions. If Lily says it's good, then it's definitely good!
What is she best for? Make-up tutorials and monthly favourites

8. Viviannadoesmakeup

Anna is super chatty which I really like. She's another youtuber who is great at keeping it real. What I like about her and Lily Pebbles is that they don't always have the have that "glamorous facade" up. Vivianna does a lot of favourites videos, tutorials and vlogs which is a nice variety.
What is she best for? Her chatty videos

9. Essie Button 

Another popular blogger/youtuber is Essie and I think it's got something to do with her cute as a button personality. She does a lot of tutorials, favourites videos and many more.
What is she best for?  Her chatty vidoes

10. Hannah Maggs

 I'm kind of cheating on this one because 99% of Hannah Maggs channel is vlogs..but I had to mention her because i'm obsessed with her channel. Hannah puts up weekly vlogs which follow the life of her, her husband and their little toddler around London. If you're into vlogs then you will absolutely adore these as they're so well made.
What is she best for? Her vlogs of course!

Anyway thanks for reading through all that. I hope you discover some great channels from this! Let me know what your favourite channels are so I can watch them :)

Holly xx

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  1. Great post Holly! I'm currently following 8 of these 10 vloggers, but I will definitely be checking out the other two :) Thanks for sharing, xx

    Love, Krista | www.lovekrista.com

  2. Oh Zoella is by far my favourite youtuber! I also love Essie Button's personality which I was love her vlogs the most and Hannah Maggs sunday vlogs are just something special!
    Aleeha xXx