All you need to know about the new beauty trend "Strobing"


(Photo from getthegloss)
When I first heard about this new beauty trend "strobing"  I groaned inwardly thinking "dammit, I just got the hang of contouring!". I'm sure all of us at one point have sat on our computer for hours googling and youtubing how to master contouring, yes? So you understand my pain of realizing that contouring might be out *gasp*

Strobing is all about that highlighter. If you don't have a highlighter go buy one asap cause strobing is going to take over the beauty world. Strobing is applying highlighter all over the face where the light would naturally hit the face. This includes cheekbones, bridge of nose, lips, centre of forehead, under brow bone and the chin.

So where did this trend begin? In the land of beautiful accents, croissants, escargot..oui, France! Strobing differs from contouring as its purpose is to highlight the beauty in a person's face whereas contouring alters the shape of a face.

I think i'll give this new trend a try but I won't be throwing out any of my contouring tools anytime soon. It took me awhile to get into contouring but now that i've gotten the hang of it I love how it makes my face look. I raise my hand and admit that my head is on the rounder side so I like the definition contouring gives.  In saying that I like how strobing aims to emphasize a persons natural beauty. The two highlighters I will mostly use will be M.A.Cs 'perfect topping' and NARS 'copacabana' as they are my favourite highlighters ever.

So will you guys be trying this new strobing trend?

Holly xx

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  1. I've never heard of this strobing before! I probably won't join in with this one, seeing as I'm pretty terrible with makeup anyway! I really don't even know how to use highlighters, bronzers, etc! It seems like it would look nice though!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. Cool!!!

  3. I love highlighters so I will definitely still give this a go but I will always prefer contouring because it bronzes up your face at the same time and... sometimes if your find the right shade you look slightly more tanned!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx