"Feel Good" Movies For Those Tiring Long Days


(Iconic Hugh Grant scene from Love Actually)

I am all about them feel good movies. After a long day there is nothing I want more than to lie on the couch with a hot chocolate watching a romantic comedy. We all feel like that from time to time. Last night I was passionately describing my love for my favourite movie (About Time) and I realized I probably should write a post on feel good movies that are essential for crummy moods. I'm sure many of these movies you all have seen but if you haven't watched one (or haven't watched one in awhile) make sure to save it for one of "those" days ;)

1. About time
This is my absolute favourite move ever. Everything I walk away I feel uplifted and cheerful. It's about this guy Tim who can travel back in time within his own life which can have the potential to change his future. It's witty, romantic and uplifting. You see him leave home to move to London, meet his wife (Rachael McAdams - love her), and have kids. It's by the makers of Love Actually too! I feel like i'm explaining it terribly but you'll have to trust me when I say that this movie is 10/10. Go on, watch the trailer here :)

2. Love Actually
Love Actually was my favourite movie until About Time came about. I'd be super surprised if someone had never watched this. It's another movie where you walk about feeling uplifted and cheerful. My favourite story lines in this movie are: the president and natalie & jamie and aurelia.  It combines my three favourite things: christmas, a romantic-comedy and it's set in england! This movie will never get old and i'll watch it until i'm 80.

3. I Give It A Year
Another movie i'll explain terribly so i'll just pop the trailer here. I've watched this two times in the last month and i'd happily watch it again right now. It's another great romantic-comedy to cozy up on the couch for. If you're a Simon Baker fan (ahem, like myself..) then you need to watch this asap.

4. Clueless
We've all seen this right? Right? This movie is a classic.. I'd say it's the 'mean girls' of the 90's but a little less bitchy. It's a great quotable movie too. If you're looking for a movie to watch for a girls night in then I think this would be the perfect one. I still adore it. 

5. Bridget Jones' Diary 1 & 2
We can all relate to Bridget Jones in some way. I remember being in grade 5 going to the movies in school (we were watching the polar express) I longingly looked at the Bridget Jones movie poster wishing I was watching that instead. Of course I didn't watch a Bridget Jones movie until much later but even my grade 5 self preferred a romantic comedy. When I finally did watch it a few years later I loved it instantly. Both movies are just as good as the other. I guess this would be another great "girls night in" movie.. but go watch it right away if you haven't seen it already.

6. Frozen
How could I not mention Frozen! I mean I wasn't one of those girls who got utterly obsessed with it but I do really like it. Disney movies are always perfect because you don't have to think. They're always positive, cute and have nice endings.

7. Ferris Buelers Day Off
At the start of the year I watched Ferris Buelers Day Off with my friend who had never seen it before. As i've seen it 1000 times I couldn't control my laughter, and I embarrassing laughed majority of the movie. Anywaaaay this movie is a directed by the amazing John Hughes and is the optimal feel-good movie.

8. When Harry Met Sally
Made in 1989 and still a freaking amazing movie. It's another romantic-comedy (what a shock...not haha). Filled with many hilarious scenes and has a happy ending there is nothing you couldn't not like about it. This is a classic so it's imperative everyone watches it.

9. Beauty & The Beast
Yes...another disney movie. It's just so damn great. I always find this is my go-to movie for when i'm sick in bed. Disney movies are always to key to feeling happy after those tiring days.

So those are my go-to movies for whenever i'm needing to relax after a tiring day. Would recommend em all so go give the ones you haven't seen a go. 

What's your go-to "feel good" movie?

Holly xx

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  1. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute fave! And I've been wanting to see Ferris Buelers Day Off for ages! Great post. If you like Rachel McAdams, you should try my fave (like cannot get enough) Morning Glory - it's super cheap on Amazon. It has me bouncing on my bed like a kid. YAY!

    Jess - jesmgia.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I've never actually seen Love Actually... I should probably watch it!
    My favourite film is probably Tangled... can't beat Disney!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Fabulous list!! I've watched Love Actually, Beauty & The Beast, Frozen and Clueless this week! (I'm off on maternity leave!)

    1. You lucky thing - sounds like an excellent week then! x