eBay Real Techniques Bold Metals Dupes: Worth The Buy?


 One late night in February I was lurking the depths of eBay and ended up buying three sets of different make-up brushes - one including these RT dupes. (Here's the little link for where I bought them from). Upon arrival they were all in shape and didn't have that nasty chemical smell that some eBay brushes have. They also had a luxurious feel, not only in the way they looked - but in the way they felt (they're super duper soft). They cost $11 for the set, each brush being $1.50, which is such a steal.
100 Arched Powder: Ultimate powder brush. Personally I prefer a light swooping of powder so this is ideal if you want it light. I find my powder never goes on cakey with this as it isn't a dense brush.

 101 Triangle Foundation: I actually own the real version of this - shout out to my brother for being awesome and buying me an A++ birthday present - and the real thing is very similar. I would say the legit one is of obvious higher quality. That being said I think this brush is a pretty damn good for a dupe. Foundation applies lovely with this.

300 Tapered Blush: Despite this being intended to be used as a blush brush I use this for highlighter. Could definitely be used for either though! One of my favourites from the set.

301 Flat Contour: I use this to both contour and bronze. The shape is excellent for getting under those cheekbones.
200 Oval Shadow: It's meant to be an all-rounder eyeshadow brush but personally I prefer it for highlighting smaller areas such as under the eyebrows and cupids bow.

201 Pointed Crease: As you can probably tell from the colour of this brush I use it for ze eyeshadow crease. It's quite dense but it makes it oddly easy to blend in everything together.

202 Angled Liner: Is intended to be used as eyeliner brush but I prefer using it to apply eyeshadow to my lower lash line. That may be just me though - but I think it works well for that.

Verdict: I will admit I have noticed that the largest brush of the set (powder brush) is prone to shedding slightly but aside from that I haven't noticed shedding from any others. I think that these are fantastic eBay brushes. Ebay can be hit and miss - but these are the ones that are worth the buy. They are of high quality, feel luxurious, and have a great range of brushes. *heart eyes emoji*

What are your thoughts of eBay brushes? Do you think they're worth buying or would you rather just buy the real deal products? Would love to know. 

Holly xx

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  1. These brushes look really nice! You can't beat that price either!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. WOT... they look pretty much exactly like the real techniques ones! They sounds quite good as well considering the price... you really can't go wrong when they are so inexpensive!
    Aleeha xXx