The Travel Haul Series: Shoes


When you're traveling with limited luggage space it's wise to avoid buying items that are either bulky or heavy. Shoes are both of these things. And I bought five pairs. Oops?

I just couldn't resist. Can you blame a girl?

The night before our departure my mother and I were in a frenzy because we realized that we totallyyy didn't have enough space to fit everything in. After multiple attempts of re-shuffling the bag we had to throw in the towel as we realized the only solution was the buy another suitcase. So fifteen minutes before Primark's closing time we bolted in and left with a suitcase - SUCCESS. My shoes were gonna fit *high fives self*

You can never go wrong with a pair of cute black heels. These were only 10 pounds ($20) which I think is a complete bargain. You go Primarni.

I had originally purchased this kind-of-style shoe from topshop but I ended up taking the topshop ones back and got these instead as I preferred them. Go figure. Again they were only 10 pounds ($20) which is sahweeet.

Primark Sanadals

When you're 5'3 you will try anything and everything to make yourself look slightly taller. This is why I was ecstatic that I found a pair of plain black sandals with a slight heel. Look who is now 5'4ish? This girl. Couldn't find these online but from memory they were only 8 pounds ($16).

Topshop Maroon Velvet Loafers

Okay, so, yeah they do kind of look like slippers BUT don't you think they're kind of cool though? Well..anyway..I think they're pretty cool and I can't wait to try style them with a few outfits. These were 12 pounds ($24) which is preetty good for topshop I think. 

I adore my boots so these were a no-brainer. A quality pair of chelsea boots can last years and years  so i'm glad I got these. They were 42 pounds ($84) which I think is actually pretty cheap considering back home in Australia they are around the $150 mark. 

Hope you guys liked having a little snoop at my shoe haul. Tell me if you have any favourites of the bunch or advise me on how I can style those red velvet loafers (I really want to make them loafers work dammit haha).

Holly x

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  1. Great shoes! I especially love the boots.

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. I love the Primark sandals and the Topshop boots! You can never go wrong with a pair of chelsea boots!
    Aleeha xXx