The Five Albums Which Are Currently On Repeat


I am a HUGE music lover. There will always be a CD in car. There will always be spotify playing in the background. There will always be a never ending list of artists to give a listen. There will always be more concerts I want to go to. I'm not like that 12 year old girl on tumblr who says "no one gets me..only music does.." but I will admit to needing to have some kind of music playing 95% of the time. Over the past few months there have been 5 albums i've kept drifting back I would completely recommend giving them a listen. 

1. Adele - 25
I guess this is quite a few months old but it is still. so. good. Being someone who adored her first two albums I was pleased that this did justice. It contains some upbeat songs but it is predominantly soulful ballads (and I aint complaining cause I loveeee them). Everyone likes Adele, so by this theory, you will love this album. Favourite songs include: Remedy, All I ask & Send my love (to your new lover).

2. Foals - What Went Down
Ahem..may have seen them live at Wembley arena in biggy.  But seriously it was incredible. They put on an incredible show and it made me love the album even more. Foals are a British alternative/rock band who definitely need more credit - they're one of the best bands in recent years (in my opinion). From start to finish it's a fantastic album. Favourite songs include: Give it all, Mountain at my gates & Birch tree

3. The 1975 - I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
Honestly..not the biggest fan of the album title. It's so long. Slightly pretentious too. That aside I am digging this album. I don't love love love this album yet but it's still pretty good. I've listened to it about 5-6 times completely through. I was obsessed with their first album and to be honest I still prefer the first one. BUT. Beggars can't be choosers. I wished for new music for months/years and they've finally released an album so I can't complain toooo much. Favourite songs include: She's American, the sound & this must be a dream.

4. Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood 
Oh em geeee this album is addictive. It was the soundtrack to my February Europe trip. Each song I love, there isn't one song I don't like. It is very chilled but groovy at the same time. Troye did so well! Favourite songs: Blue, Fools, Youth & Cool

5. Jack Garrett - Phase
This was released like only three weeks ago and yet i've listened to it at least 7-8 times completely through. I originally saw him performing on the BBC SOLO and he was playing a drum, the guitar, keyboard AND singing. Once I saw that I was like "omg this guy is seriously talented I have to give him a listen" and I haven't been disappointed. (For similar performance watch this). I think he's going to get incredible successful. Big claim, but he's just so talented. Favourite songs include: Worry, Chemical & Surprise Yourself.

Of course, cause i'm nosy, would love to hear what albums everyone is loving. :)

Holly xx

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  1. I love Adele's 25 album. I'm still, ashamedly, listening to Taylor's 1989 too. On repeat. For like, what, a year now? :p

    I really love 'Heart of Nowhere' by Noah And The Whale. I just got in to them to find they'd broken up - cryface! I do quite like 'Positive Songs for Negative People' by Frank Turner, but I gotta be honest, I preferred his earlier albums.

    Another two albums worthy of mention are 'Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness' - some of these tracks are beautiful. And I am still obsessed with 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful' by Florence and the Machine.

    I honestly think I never discover new music because I'm too busy still obsessing over old favourites, hehe!

    Sugardust and Starlight

  2. I could listen to Adele all the time! And I recently discovered I've been listening to a lot of Troye Sivan without realizing (thank you for knowing me spotify ;) ). He's so good!!

    xx Anne / Annesmiles

  3. I'm love The Sound by The 1975 at the moment... listening to it on Spotify right now!
    Aleeha xXx