Are We Idiots For Spending So Much On Make-Up?


Makeup is a pretty freaking expensive hobby. Why couldn't I just have gotten into stamp or button collecting? *sighs*

Today I decided to do something stupid and tally up how much my daily face costs. The result?


And that's a pretty modest amount considering I went for a more basic look today. It's safe to say that I was taken aback. It got me thinking...

Am I an idiot for spending so much on make-up?

I am not a make-up artist or in a career which is dependent on looks (like being an instagram model or working at a makeup counter) so do I really need to be buying so much make-up? Little ole me is just a student soon-to-be operating theatre nurse. 

I guess having the basics is quite a normal thing, such as a foundation, concealer, mascara, and a few lipsticks..but is it normal to have at least five variations or everything plus an overflowing lipstick drawer? Not to mention the countless shades of lipstick I have which are pretty much the EXACT same. I have a fantastic collection of holy grail products but I find that i'm still left wanting to try out more and more things. It doesn't help that i'm always reading blog posts and watching Youtube videos which make me want to go out and buy everything mentioned.

The thing is: majority of people never notice if i'm using a new primer or mascara. But....I know. I know i'm wearing a new product which makes a speck of difference. 

To sum it up: I do think i'm slightly idiotic for spending so much on make-up. I accept that it's something I invest into which is going to have any returns. I'm not a big time beauty blogger getting paid for my reviews but you know what - I freaking enjoy buying make-up. I love it. And that's why I do it. Because despite it being an expensive hobby it brings me happiness. I love trying out new products, I love writing my little reviews, I love finding something that makes me go "YESS THIS IS THE BOMB DIGGITY"..I just love it. And it makes me feel apart of the this whole blogging beauty world. I love being able to read other bloggers posts about products and being able to say "yes I adored that as well!". 

So for now i'm going to keep having my occasional splurges buying make-up as it's something I enjoy and love doing. 

How do you feel about make-up? Do you ever have those moments where you're like " it silly i'm spending this amount on beauty products?". 

Holly x

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  1. We are, but I feel everyone has something they spend money on that they don't need to. It's an indulgence and if it makes you feel good, why not? Great post! I should work out how much my face costs haha xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. I feel like this all the time! I try not to spend too much on make up but sometimes I just have to give myself a little treat x

  3. Makeup is a really expensive hobby, but if it makes you happy then that's what matters the most xx

  4. I agree with you there! It helps to think that we don't buy it all at once! I give myself a small allowance from my salary, so I know I'm taking care of myself and my future but still allowing myself to buy our beauty treats!

    Maddie |

    1. I do the exact same thing! I never do massive high end hauls as they are so expensive, plus I find I appreciate products a whole lot more if I only buy one or two at a time. :)

  5. Wow, that's a lot of money! Still though, some people like to spend money on a car, just because others prefer to spend it on makeup doesn't make it more/less idiotic. Spend your money on what you want.
    Aleeha xXx