Looking Back On 2016 & Forward to 2017


2016 has been an interesting year for everyone. Each person I have talked to has admitted that it has been a hard year. Whether it be personal issues or world issues it has just felt like there has always been something negative around the corner. 

I don't want to reflect upon the bad things of 2016 though, wouldn't that be boring?! I want to reflect upon the good stuff cause there have been awesome things that have happened! 

1. I went travelling LOTS
In February I went on a four week Europe trip with my mum. In July I went for somewhere a little more local and spent a week in Melbourne adventuring around and drinking lots of coffee. Then just a few weeks ago I went to Japan with my family where we explored Tokyo and then snowboarded in Hakuba. 

2. Survived an eight week unpaid internship in the Hospital

3. Had many fun adventures with my friends
Whether it be going to Rainbow Beach, Brisbane, or Byron Bay my friends and I would always have so much fun together. I truly cherish my friendships!

4. My dog!
I have a little cavoodle and he is my world, i'm seriously such a crazy dog lady haha.

5. Got my dream job position for next year which is an Operating Theatre Nurse

In 2017 I have a lot of exciting things coming up. Here's what i'm looking forward to:

1. Starting my job 

2. Quitting my current job
My current job is a GIANT stress on me and every time I have a shift I feel so uneasy. I can't wait to finish it up and actually have a job i'll enjoy.

3. My sister having her baby
I have always been quite maternal so I can't wait for my sister to have a baby, i'll be living vicariously through her haha. 

4. Potentially doing more travelling

5. Continuing my blog
My blog brings me such happiness as I love talking about things i'm passionate about (makeup, travel etc) and finding others that are the same! In 2017 I want to improve it more and more. I can't wait. 

Let me know what your highlights were this year and what you will look forward to in 2017. This year may have been hard for you so I hope you're able to boss 2017. :)

Holly xx

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  1. Nawww! Definitely! Each year always comes with the good and bad. This year was an amazing year for me and hopefully it will be better for 2016 for you and me both!

    Of Purity and Simplicity

  2. nice post :)


  3. Congratulations to your sister from me! What is your current job?
    Aleeha xXx

    1. My current job was an AIN (assistant nurse) and I did it through an agency and it just so stressful. And thanks lovely!! :)