Little life update | Hello from Japan!


Today is a fun update cause I'm in Japan! I've officially been here for a week  and it's been incredible.

Firstly my mum, two brothers, and I flew into Tokyo and spent four days there. It was a thrilling experience but quite overwhelming at some points because it so different from Australia. Luckily my mum has been to Tokyo two times so she was able to show us around. We spent a couple of great days there getting immersed into the city and it was so great that I definitely want to go back again.

Then the main highlight has been arriving in Hakuba. For those who don't know Hakuba is a ski village. My uncle and dad joined the rest of us here and we have been staying in a dreamy chalet. Will definitely be doing a few blog posts on Tokyo, Hakuba, and this chalet. The past two days I've been snowboarding my heart out and I've been loving it. It's my first time so it's been a big learning curve!

Am currently enjoying a bath watching Vlogmas with a cider that tastes like hubba bubba.

Hope everyone is having a great December!

Holly xx

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  1. Amazing! I'd love to visit Japan. Looking forward to your posts!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. Oh my gosh, no way! I would love to go to Japan one day!
    Aleeha xXx