Beauty Tips From My Gorgeous Nanna


My nanna has always been one of my biggest inspirations. At 87 years old she still has all the elegance and grace one could ever dream of having. She still loves colour coordinating her outfits, wearing brooches, doing her hair, and applying make-up. One of my favourite memories was taking her out on a spur of the moment shopping trip and once we got to the shopping centre she realized she forget to put on lipstick so she asked if I could apply one of mine of her. I just love that, at 87 years old still caring about how you look and wanting to feel nice.

I decided it would be a lovely idea to do a post on my Nannas tips on beauty. She has always been super glamorous and never lets me forget how all the boys would chase after her when she was younger. The pictures at the top are ones of her when she was in her early 20's. No wonder all the boys loved her!! Heartbreaker Nanna.

Skincare Tips:

1. "Always clean your skin before you go to bed and always put a good moisturizer on"

2. "Never put soap on your face, if you haven't got any proper cleanser use sorbelene"

3. "Start using eye cream while you're still young so when you're older you don't have many eye wrinkles"

4. "Whenever applying creams to the face apply them upwards rather than downwards otherwise you can get floppy bits. Never pull down"
Makeup tips:

5. "No heavy makeup, keep to a natural look"

6. "Use only a light amount of blush, you see girls with big red cheeks and I don't think that looks very nice or natural"

7. "Always blend foundation over chin line so you don't have any big lines"

8. "Lip liner, if you have funny lips you can use a lip liner to shape your lips. Also works as a good guide for applying lipstick"

Hope you enjoyed this post. I can't wait to show my Nanna it :)

Holly xx

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  1. All these beauty tips and wonderful and incredibly relevant till today.