Why We Should All Be Like Blair Waldorf


If there was one person I took queues from in highschool it was Blair Waldorf. If you haven't watched Gossip Girl then you need to get on it stat. Today I thought I would do a post about my favourite things about Blair Waldorf and why she is the icon every girl should have (perhaps minus her getting freaky in the back of a limo with Chuck whilst she was dating Nate..)

Her Style
Blairs style was mine (and every girls) inspiration. Suddenly everyone started wearing headbands and patterned tights. It was feminine and classy. Even though Gossip Girl started in 2007 and finished in 2012 her style still remains timeless. 

How classy she was
Blair just held so much class. She didn't swear, she didn't wear tops with plunging necklines or shorts showcasing half her bottom, and she didn't go out and get drunk often. A good example to girls on how to hold yourself in a elegant manner.

Her makeup

Blair was mostly always simple and understated. No thick foundations, no heavy mascara, no overdrawn eyebrows and no harsh contouring. She just wore a thin base, a little mascara, a light blush, and lipgloss. Heck, writing about it is making me want to return to ultra natural makeup again. She was a definite natural beauty.

She was a good friend
Okay...so...she wasn't always a good friend...but a lot of the time she was. She was fiercely loyal to Serena and gave her gems of advice such as the quote above. 

She didn't settle

Blair knew what she was worth and didn't settle for just anyone. Never once did she end up with some loser because she was scared of being single or some random showed her slight interest. 

She has goals for herself
This is a major thing I loved about Blair. Even though she had a wealthy family she still wanted to work hard and succeed. Even when she was dating Chuck they broke up because she wanted to go succeed on her own and not be in his shadow. 

She's confident in herself
Blair was just confidence #goals. From her sitting at the bar alone with a martini (something i'm too self conscious to do) or meeting new people she rarely ever came across as insecure or shy. 

So a toast to Blair Waldorf for being the best character ever made.

Holly xx

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  1. Loved this! Blair was my favourite on Gossip Girl.

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. I love it!! Blair was and will always be an icon! Xx

  3. That's so ture!
    I wish I could be here!<3