Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour


In life I have done some pretty cool things but the Harry Potter tour is one that stands out. I've been a fan of the HP series for many years, loving both the books and movies. When I found out that there was a Harry Potter studio tour I knew it was something I had to do. When I went to London in 2016 it was a no brainer to do the tour. It was 37 pounds/$60 AUD which I think is pretty reasonable and easy to justify if you're a big fan.

The Studio Tour features many props, costumes, and sets which come straight out of the movies. It's like a dreamland. I was lucky and went in winter so it was set all Christmas themed. It is quite the busy place as you go in with a big group, but my tip is to abandon the group early and take it slow - do things at a good pace. I didn't want to rush it and miss out on anything. Another tip I will give is to try and get your hands on a childrens activity passbook. I mean...yes...they are supposed to be for children...but it's a cute little book where you get to go around stamping it. They're free too. So maybe when you grab one claim you're getting it for your child/little brother ;)

I also really, really recommend buying a photo of yourself on a broomstick. Yes, there is a massive line for it but it's totally worth it. You may need to elbow a kid or two along the way (just kidding ,kinda). It's one of my favourite things to look back on - I mean i'm in a fricken cape and on a broomstick. Like how cool is that?! Very cool in my opinion.

I could ramble on about how great it is but basically: if you're a fan and you happen to be in London then make the trip because you won't regret it.

 Hello Dumbledore!

  Dumbledores crib. I imagine he'd do a an MTV style thing like "yo what's up peeps this be ma crib"
Potions! Kind of wanted to sneak under the barrier and start making potions myself. As security drag me away I would say "what the heck do you think you're doing?! Snape is expecting me in that class!!"

 I didn't really knock on it...but if I did...I would slap Dudley for being mean to Harry.
Professor Umbridge's desk.
 How prettttty are those dresses!

See look this is the photo I was talking about! Definitely worth the purchase, it was nice pretending to be a wizard. 

So I hope I convinced you guys to do this Harry Potter Studio Tour cause it's amazing. I would be tempted to do is again when I go to England next! Let me know if you're a fellow Harry Potter fan, we must unite!

Holly xx

p.s the cafe also sells Butterbeer! 10/10 would recommend. 

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  1. I LOVED THIS POST! It looks like you had a lot of fun! Next time I'm in the UK I'm definitely doing that! :)


  2. This is the most magical place in the world! When I went there last year, I almost cried when I walked into the great hall. There were so many school kids there on excursion and one of them said they had never seen the movies! I wanted to shake and be like "you will never know what this place means to me, leave!". Ahaha! I love that broom photo, it looks amazing! I just got the usual platform nine and three quarters one at Kings Cross which I will treasure forever!

    Lauren | Dose of Wardrobe x