Life Update| Becoming An Aunty, Hair Cut & New Job



My sister gave birth to this little ball of cuteness on the 9th of January. Her name is Willa Elizabeth which I think is beautifulllll. I have gotten lots of cuddles which has made me VERY happy. I am so in love. I just love babies. Always have, always will. So it's lovely having one within the I can can buy lots and lots of presents for.

January has flown by really fast which saddens me because I wanted to clutch on to January tightly and not let it go. I start my job in a few days which is exciting but also daunting, hence why I didn't want to let January go just yet. It was a great month of relaxing and having no commitments or plans. I'd plan each day as I went watching a lot of Netflix and catching up with friends here and there. Now it feels as if i'm getting back to reality with starting full time work. Though I am also SO excited. Guys..i'm going to be a legit operating theatre nurse!! I'll be living out my Grey's Anatomy dream with hopefully my own McDreamys and McSteamys (gosh I hope no one from work ever finds my blog). I do just want to dive in and start learning.

Yesterday I finally got a hair cut. After 8 months of doing absolutely nothing with it I decided I needed a chop. Is anyone else super lazy when it comes to their hair? Anyway I got a cut and layers put in and i'm super impressed. My inspiration was Rosie from The Londoner blog. I actually tweeted at her about it and she replied - it totally made my day.

Hope everyone is having a great February so far! Anything exciting planned this month? Talk to me in the comments, always love finding fellow beauty lovers/friends/bloggers.

Holly xx

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  1. OMG so cute!! Baby cuddles are the best! <3 Love the hair - the curls look good on you! :D

    1. Thank-you, now i've actually got to learn how to properly curl my hair! haha x

  2. Awww she is adorable!! xx Congrats on becoming an aunt! Also, congrats on the new job :) Your hair looks beautiful by the way!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  3. Willa Elizabeth that is such a beautiful name! Congrats on becoming an aunty!! Also your hair looks amazing! Love the curls :)